Touched By an Angel: The Eighth Season

And then there was four. Monica (played by Roma Downey), Tess (played by Della Reese) and Andrew (played by John Dye) have a new member to their angel team and her name is Gloria (played by Valerie Bertinelli). In order to train her on how to be an angel they take her along on their assignments which include helping broken families, advocating racial tolerance and helping people to find peace after tragedy occurs. All around the United States this now foursome travels teaching a variety of people about God’s love.

Some might see the very popular television show from the 1990s as too syrupy and goofy.  Many others saw it as inspiring. It definitely is filled with innocence and even some funny moments. All it asks is that you open your mind to the possibilities.

Episode 1: Holy of Holies: Monica and Tess continue with their training of Gloria. Their latest assignment involves a college professor who is on a quest for the Lost Ark.

Episode 2: The Perfect Game: A young star pitcher seems destined to make the big leagues. That is if he can get out from under the watchful eye of his domineering father.

Episode 3: The Birthday Present: Gloria goes on a “ride-along” with Andrew to learn about death. Monica works with a mailman (played by Kirk Cameron) who has to deal with the death of his grandmother and two children being physically abused by their heavy drinking father.

Episode 4: Manhunt: Monica and Tess attempt to teach Gloria about love and loneliness. They have to help a heartbroken young woman try to move on after the end of her relationship.

Episode 5: Chutzpah: A young female cartoonist who is about to lose her job regains her footing by doing cartoons that are derogatory about her father and his faith. Both father and daughter remain stubborn about their points of view widening the distance between them.

Episode 6: Famous Last Words: An inmate on death row has 36 hours to come to an understanding with his mother. A family secret is at the heart of it all.

Episode 7: Most Likely to Succeed: A billionaire is attending his high school reunion and has revenge on his mind. He wants to get back at the ex-football star who tormented him and stole the girl he loved.

Episode 8: Heaven’s Portal: The angels are assigned to work with a teenager who is rebelling against his parents. They have double the trouble on their hands when Gloria begins to also act like a teen.

Episode 9: When Sunny Gets Blue: A young man finds out that his estranged father is a schizophrenic who lives on the streets. He decides to find him and change his situation.

Episode 10: Angels Anonymous: The angels gather a group of friends who have lost touch with a former teacher. Once together they rediscover what they learned from each other.

Episode 11: A Winter Carol: It is just after 9/11 and an entire community seems unwilling to accept the death of one of their members. The angels have to somehow get them to accept it and move on.

Episode 12: The Last Chapter: A reporter (played by Phylicia Rashad) whom Monica helped overcome alcoholism is now writing a book about her life. But she is not planning to make any mention of her drinking or the help of the angels.

Episode 13: Ship-in-a-Bottle: A father and his two daughters are trying to adjust to a new life in Seattle and the angels are there to help them. The angels with introduce the family to living a life of faith and without fear.

Episode 14: The Blue Angel: It is up to the angels to remind a veteran television director of how much he loves the media. He must remember a long forgotten dream to do so.

Episode 15: Secrets and Lies: A young girl has been just diagnosed with leukemia and is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Her father has to reach out to the person who might be a donor match – his illegitimate son.

Episode 16: The Princeless Bride: A woman’s wedding plans are going awry and it is up to the angels to get her and her wedding back on track. They also have to get the groom to see his bride in a new light.

Episode 17: Hello, I Love You: A girl looking for her long-lost father is in need of the angels help. They have a whole city to search and only a last name to go on.

Episode 18: Minute by Minute: Two teenagers have plans to blow up their high school. A nun with a secret of her own turns to Monica and Tess for help.

Episode 19: The Bells of St. Peter’s: With the hopes of salvaging her daughter’s marriage, a mother plans a family trip to Rome. A health issue interferes with those plans.

Episode 20: The Impossible Dream: The angels work with a man (played by Luther Vandross) who missed his opportunity as a singer twenty five years ago. He and his family need help with forgiveness.

Episode 21: For All the Tea in China: The angels try to get to the bottom of why a grandmother is against her grandson and his wife adopting a child from China. A painful past and a secret are uncovered.

Episode 22: Forever Young: After a death due to violence, the angels help a family move on after losing their daughter.

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