Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts Right Words Right Actions

Alt-rock has been very good to the band Franz Ferdinand, a quartet from Glasgow. This is their fourth studio album and they have previously sold millions of albums, been nominated for Grammys and won several Brit Awards. The album, with its long title, is a happy record. In that I mean they do not sound like a band under pressure to recreate the success they have achieved on their first three albums. Rather they seem almost footloose and fancy free. It is almost as if they have come full circle and are back to the same lads who captured our imaginations and ears on their debut self-titled album. The ten songs on Right Thoughts Right Words Right Actions are distinctly Franz Ferdinand tracks; there is no mistaking it. With killer hooks that draw you in, funky bass and drums, lyrics that are so vivid they create images in your mind as you are listening and tons of punch they are a band who is making music from a position of power and positivity. The album starts off slowly then really kicks in about halfway through and then dazzle with its last few tracks. “The Universe Expanded” is one of the best songs they have ever recorded.

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