Spartacus: War of the Damned – Blu-ray Edition

The final season. Too bad as this is a really strong series. The series continues being strong despite all the trials and tribulations (losing its lead actor to cancer after the first season was biggie) it went up against. It really pushed a lot of envelopes with its violence, nudity and sex scenes. Never shying away from what might be seen as controversy. Those behind the series were determined to tell the story of a slave rebellion in the manner of their choosing not bending to anyone.

War of the Damned concerns itself with the period of the rebellion led by Spartacus against the army of Rome led by Cassus. It is the first time we see a young Julius Caesar coming into his own.

Episode 1: Enemies of Rome: Spartacus (played by Liam McIntyre) has started a rebellion that has gained thousands of followers. Aided by Crixius (played by Manu Bennett) and Gannicus (played by Dustin Clare) he attacks Rome and seems to be getting the better of the army there.

Episode 2: Wolves at the Gate: Spartacus organizes an attack with the goal of getting food and shelter for his followers. Crassus (played by Simon Merrells) gets an army together for Rome that includes a young Julius Caesar (played for Todd Lasance).

Episode 3: Men of Honor: Spartacus contemplates a deal with plunderers that will bring food and shelter to his followers. Naevia (played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson) goes a little mental over her past.

Episode 4: Decimation: There is possibly a Roman spy within their ranks and that brings tension between Spartacus and his men. To teach his soldiers a lesson Crassus brings back a forgotten form of punishment.

Episode 5: Blood Brothers: Spartacus comes up with a plan of how to weaken Crassus’s army. A betrayal puts a spoke in the wheels of his plan, however.

Episode 6: Spoils of War: Gannicus is trapped behind enemy lines after Crassus attacks the town Spartacus and his men are in. Tiberius (played by Christian Antidormi) has to host a tribute for a man he hates.

Episode 7: Mors Indecepta: The rebels find themselves stranded on a ridge. Spartacus and Crixus have a conflict on what they should do next.

Episode 8: Separate Paths: Crassus and his army keep up their pursuit of Spartacus’s rebels. The fight between Caesar and Tiberius grows.

Episode 9: The Dead and the Dying: Spartacus tries to find something to use to bargain with the Romans with. Crassus finds out that someone else is trying to capture Spartacus for his own glory.

Episode 10: Victory: Even though they are greatly outnumbered Spartacus and the rebels keep up the fight. It is the decisive battle against Crassus’s army.

Special Features: SPARTACUS: The Legend Retold, The Price of Being a Gladiator, A Bloody Farewell, The Spoils of War Revealed: Visual Effects, Adorning the Damned, The Mind Behind SPARTACUS

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