The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

The popularity of hot vampires has not waned and in this television series you have plenty of them as well as human lookers and various other creatures. Eye candy everywhere. Season four starts off right where season three left off. At the end of season three they left the viewer with plenty of unanswered questions. Seemingly there are plenty of reasons to believe that this is going to be a strong season for the series and then it disappoints. It starts off with plenty of promise and builds up to what looks like is going to be an epic season. Character development continues along nicely. Some creepy moments that involve the threat of death and then nothing. It goes flat. A missed opportunity. Too bad.

Episode 1: Growing Pains: It is the next morning when Elena (played by Nina Dobrev) wakes up and she realizes that she has died with vampire blood in her body. Now she has a decision to make.

Episode 2: Memorial: Elena has to deal with plenty as she struggles with her transition to becoming a vampire. It almost becomes physical between Stefan (played by Paul Wesley) and Damon (played by Iam Somerhalder) over what they believe is best for Elena.

Episode 3: The Rager: Elena turns to Matt (played by Zach Roerig) and Caroline (played by Candice Accola) for support during her transition. Stefan tries to show Elena that her new life can still be fun.

Episode 4: The Five: Damon teaches Elena how to select a victim. Elena, Damon and Bonnie (played by Katerina Graham) travel to Whitmore College.

Episode 5: The Killer: Stefan and Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan) form a brittle alliance in order to contain the threat of Connor (played by Todd Williams) in Mystic Falls. Professor Shane (played by David Alpay) tries to help Bonnie get over her feelings of guilt and fear.

Episode 6: We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes: The hallucinations she’s been suffering from return and Elena makes a mistake as a result. News about Elena forces Klaus to take action.

Episode 7: My Brother’s Keeper: Caroline offers both Elena and Stefan support at a tough time in their relationship. Damon brings his suspicions to Professor Shane.

Episode 8: We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street: Stefan brings his worries about Elena to Damon. The brothers take a trip to New Orleans.

Episode 9: O Come, All Ye Faithful: Klaus discovers something and violence follows. A winter-themed party takes place in Mystic Falls.

Episode 10: After School Special: Without warning Rebekah (played by Claire Holt) returns to Mystic Falls High. Bonnie’s father, Rudy Owens (played by Rick Worthy), agrees to assume the position of interim mayor of Mystic Falls.

Episode 11: Catch Me If You Can: Damon gives Jeremy (played by Steven R. McQueen) some advice as he is about to go up against Klaus’s young vampires. Rebekah, who is looking for an ally, turns to Damon.

Episode 12: A View to a Kill: Klaus turns to Stefan for help. Bonnie confronts her father about his methods of protecting Mystic Falls against violence.

Episode 13: Into the Wild: Professor Shane leads a group to a remote island off of Nova Scotia in an attempt to find the cure. There Elena and Rebekah continue to face off against one another.

Episode 14: Down the Rabbit Hole: Still on the island Damon comes up against a formidable vampire hunter. Stefan reveals to Elena his feelings about becoming human again.

Episode 15: Stand By Me: Upon her return to Mystic Falls, Caroline is worried about Elena. Still on the island, Damon tells Rebekah some bad news and her reaction surprises him.

Episode 16: Bring It On: Everyone is worried about Elena’s behaviour. Damon and Rebekah keep up the search for the cure.

Episode 17: Because the Night: Damon, realizing that Elena needs a change of scenery, brings her to New York. Rebekah arrives in New York and learns of Elena’s plan which impresses her.

Episode 18: American Gothic: Elena and Rebekah’s search for Katherine (played by Nina Dobrev) leads them to a small town in Pennsylvania. Stefan and Damon are worried about Elena and attempt to help her.

Episode 19: Pictures of You: Both Damon and Stefan attend the prom hoping to talk some sense into Elena. Suddenly Elena becomes unpredictable and violent.

Episode 20: The Originals: It is Klaus’s turn to travel to New Orleans with the hope of uncovering some information. Stefan and Damon put into action their plan in regards to Elena.

Episode 21: She’s Come Undone: Katherine is suspicious of what Bonnie proposes to her. Elena figures out what Damon and Stefan are up to.

Episode 22: The Walking Dead: It is almost time for graduation and Caroline tries to keep Elena busy with mundane jobs. Bonnie, who wants to bring down Silas (played by Scott Parks), wants Katherine to help her.

Episode 23: Graduation: It is graduation time and ghosts with missions have arrived in Mystic Falls in large numbers. A ghost puts Damon in serious danger.

Special Features: Ultraviolet Digital Copy, Deleted Scenes, Second Bite – Gag Reel, The Evolution of Elena Gilbert, Blood, Boys and Bad Behavior: Becoming a Vampire, The Vampire Diaries: The Ultimate Prop Master, Inking the Brotherhood: The Hunter’s Mark, Creating Silas’s Island, The Impact of a Single Show: The Vampire Diary, Fan Gallery

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