Supernatural: The Complete Eighth Season – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Like most series do that run over a couple of seasons there was inevitable dip in quality in seasons six and seven in Supernatural. It has rebound in a big way in season eighth. Save for a few weaker episodes this season will excite, thrill and astonish long-time fans and draw in some who have not been familiar with the series up to this point. There is plenty of emotion and action to enjoy.

The Winchester brothers did not have a normal upbringing.  Their mother died when they were young and their father was off hunting supernatural beings.  Jared (played by Jared Padalecki) chose to not continue with the family business, opting to go to university and study law instead. His brother Dean (played by Jensen Ackles) follows in their father’s footsteps. Jared’s life changes when his estranged brother returns into his life with the news that their father has disappeared. In order to find their father the two brothers must now hunt the same creatures he hunted in order to obtain clues to where he is.

Episode 1: We Need to Talk About Kevin: It is one year after their battle with the Leviathans and Sam finally finds Dean. The brothers get back together with the prophet Kevin (played by Osric Chan) and begin to learn about the Word of God.

Episode 2: What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?: Crowley (played by Mark Sheppard) takes Kevin’s mother hostage. Dean and Sam help Kevin get her back only once they do she insists on coming with them on their quest.

Episode 3: Heartache: The brothers pursue a killer who not only kills his victims but tears out their hearts. Once they capture him they realize he is not the only killer.

Episode 4: Bitten: On the trail of their latest killer the brothers come upon some college students who were conducting an investigation of their own. The three college students’ hunt is compromised by their own trick love triangle.

Episode 5: Blood Brother: Dean helps Benny (played by Ty Olsson) who has run afoul of vampires. Sam, on the other hand, is thinking of his year away from creature hunting.

Episode 6: Southern Comfort: The brothers are hunting a ghost who seeks vengeance. Sam and Dean realize that Garth (played by DJ Qualls) has taken over as hunter coordinator.

Episode 7: A Little Slice of Kevin: Sam and Dean discover that Castiel (played by Misha Collins) has escaped from Purgatory. The strange part is that he doesn’t remember how he did it.

Episode 8: Hunter Heroici: Sam and Dean work on a case with Castiel. Castiel has decided to become a hunter.

Episode 9: Citizen Fang: Sam asks a friend to track Benny. Dean has a tough choice to make.

Episode 10: Torn and Frayed: Crowley has an angel as his captive. Naomi (played by Amanda Tapping) tells Castiel he will have to free the angel before Crowley has the chance to learn about it.

Episode 11: LARP and the Real Girl: Sam and Dean are working a case involving a murder of a participant in a Live Action Role Playing game. They find out that Charlie Bradbury (played by Felicia Day) is involved.

Episode 12: As Time Goes By: Sam and Dean’s grandfather (played by Gil McWhinney) travels through time to the present. Once here he gets help from his son in the pursuit of a demon.

Episode 13: Everybody Hates Hitler: The brothers investigate the death of a rabbi who seems to have spontaneously combusted. Things are made more difficult when the rabbi’s grandson’s golem attacks them.

Episode 14: Trial and Error: Kevin accomplishes the translation of the tablets and manages to find a way to close the gates of Hell. Tasks must be completed to do so.

Episode 15: Man’s Best Friend With Benefits: A police officer that has previously helped Sam and Dean tells them of nightmares that have come true. A witch’s familiar asks the brothers for help with the witch.

Episode 16: Remember the Titans: The brothers get involved in a case concerning a zombie with amnesia. They discover that the zombie is actually the Greek god Prometheus.

Episode 17: Goodbye Stranger: Castiel is back and asks Dean and Sam for help on case he is working on. On the case they end up rescuing Meg (played by Rachel Miner) and then working with her.

Episode 18: Freaks and Geeks: Sam and Dean run into Krissy Chambers (played by Madison McLaughlin). They find out that she and the orphans have been taken in by a Hunter who is training the orphans to be hunters.

Episode 19: Taxi Driver: Kevin asks Sam and Dean for help when he discovers that Crowley is in his mind. The brothers turn to a Reaper for help.

Episode 20: Pac-Man Fever: Dean worries about the physical impact the second trial has had on Sam. As a result he asks Sam to stop hunting for a while.

Episode 21: The Great Escapist: After receiving a video message from Kevin the brothers end up at a casino in Colorado. There they find a man who might fill in the gaps in Kevin’s research.

Episode 22: Clip Show: Sam, Dean and Castiel are back together. They find a film that can help them solve the third trial.

Episode 23: Sacrifice: Crowley uses the half of the tablet he has to go up against Heaven. It is up to Sam, Dean and Castiel to stop him.

Special Features: Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes, Finding Supernatural, For the Defense of Mankind, Angel Warrior, Producer Commentaries

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