Kaskade – Atmosphere

Kaskade is the professional name of DJ/producer Ryan Raddon. The 42-year-old dance music veteran is one of the bigger names and is presently riding the tide of the popularity of EDM (electronic dance music) music. He began his career in the San Francisco deep house scene and you can still hear that influence on his latest album. Making the album title very appropriate is all the atmospheric and laid back undertones to most of the tracks. Airy vocals coupled with beats that rise and fall makes for a relaxing listen. Because of his Grammy nominated reputation the guy is able to attract some talented fellow musicians for collaborations. My favourite is Canadian electro pop artist Lights, who contributes some earnest vocals on the piano based tune “No One Knows Who We Are”. Other special guests on the album include Haley, Project 46 and Late Night Alumnai. As an added bonus for the first time in his over thirteen year career we get to hear Kaskade’s voice on a track. I was amazed how good a singer he is. It shouldn’t be the last time we hear his voice.

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