Montreal International Mosaicultures 2013

I had heard much about this exhibit which is running throughout the summer at the Botanical Gardens, but had sort of shrugged it off as not very high up on my list of things to do.  Boy, was that ever a mistake!  It was not just simply bushes trimmed to be in the shape of animals or figures.  Obviously I was not aware of the difference between topiary (pruning of bushes into shapes) and mosaïculture.  The exhibit is filled with imaginative works of art that really are a treat for the eyes.

The three dimensional shapes almost seem to come to life in front of your eyes.  Animals, human figures, insects, reptiles, trees, pianos, etc.  Anything you could think of they have…or close enough.  Some are small, some are life size while others are humungous.  All are stunning!

The best part is that all these living things have been constructed with living things.  Created by some of the top horticultural artists in the world everything used in the pieces is made of living things.  The primary thing used is plants – annuals and perennials.  It is more complex than you would think to do this as you have to think of colour, life span and growth patterns of what is being used.  In other words what you create continuously changes because it is a living thing.

I also really enjoyed the stories that went along with many of the pieces.  Especially touching was the Japanese entrant and its story about a dog who waited at a train station everyday for its departed owner and the tragic tale of a Chinese girl who attempted to rescue a drowning crane only to lose her own life.  Make sure you don’t just breeze past the exhibits rather take the time to read the stories behind each piece.

Mosaïcultures is not only an exhibit; it is also a competition.  Twenty countries have entries in the competition.  Each country brings their own flavour and culture to the overriding theme.  On September 3 a panel of judges came to evaluate the pieces.  They are judged to see how well they conform to this year’s theme of Land of Hope.  The winners will be revealed at the closing ceremony.

Please do take note the exhibit circuit is not lit up at night.

Additional Information:

-Dates:  June 22 – September 29, 2013

-Venue:  Botanical Gardens


-Ticket Purchase:  Botanical Garden or

-Entrance Fees:  RATES (taxes included)

Ages 0-4  : free**

Regular Rate

Quebec Residents



29,50 $

25,00 $

20,50 $

65 +

28,00 $

23,25 $

19,00 $


22,50 $

18,75 $

15,50 $

Ages 5 – 17

15,00 $

12,50 $

10,25 $

Individual tickets allow the holder to come back for two visits.

-Hours:  9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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