2 Chainz – B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME

Atlanta and not New York or Los Angeles is the home of the MC that has become the most interesting in the music industry. 2 Chainz is a guy who really seems to enjoy what he does and that translates into his music. His personality is larger-than-life and its presence is felt in every single one of the tracks on his sophomore album. The vibe is great with the songs allowing the listener to escape into the sonic world he has created. He talks about all the money he has but not in the typical annoying way. Rather he seems disbelieving about it and really like a kid in a candy store able to buy anything he wants. 2 Chaniz also shows some willingness to experiment with his sound on the album and the best example of this is the track produced by omnipresent Pharrell called “Feds Watching”. It has a pseudo island/reggae feel to it that is quite calming and catchy. There are also collaborations with Fergie and Ma$e on the album.

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