Brett Kissel – Started With a Song

How can you not fall for a country singer from Flat Lake, Alberta? I mean, come on! Brett Kissel starts off with an advantage over every other Canadian country artist just by being born in the perfect sounding town for his métier. Ok, enough fooling around let’s get to the music. This is his first big label release and he sounds like a confident veteran on it. This despite the fact that he is only 23-years-old. The young lad definitely shows he knows his way around a traditional country song. But he is wise enough to put plenty of modern (read pop sounding) twists to it. The songs all cover the typical country music topics. “Raise Your Glass” is about going out and having a good time, “Started With a Song” is about falling in love and “3-2-1” is a song dedicated to the person you love. Obviously this is a record meant for a wide audience and I’m sure because of the likeability factor it will find one.

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