North America – Blu-ray Edition

When you think of North America most tend to think of the big cities like New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver and the like. What doesn’t cross our minds are the acres of mountains, forests, plains, and other kinds of wild terrains. North America is a huge continent with lots of wide open spaces and forests. Many of us are not very familiar with what is going on in these teeming with life areas.  Take the time to watch this seven part series and you’ll find out what is going on beyond the city limits.

Narrated by Tom Selleck (he actually has the perfect dulcet voice for it), North America is an area of many different climates and landscapes and as a result there are a multitude of species living within it.  For nature and animal lovers being able to see these creatures in their natural habitat is a gift.  In some instances they are able to get really close up to the animals to give you a perspective you would not be able to get on your own.

What is great about this Discovery Channel series is that they give you plenty of information while at the same time they make it clear and entertaining. Since the information is kept to a layman’s level young and old can follow and understand.

The one thing I did not like about the series is how U.S. is the focal point.  There are very few references to Canada and even fewer of Mexico.  As a result many of the animals are ones that we are familiar with like mountain goats, grizzly bears and wolves. Not that I have anything against those animals it’s just that I would have liked to have been introduced to a few lesser known ones.

This is North America on a whole different level. The photography is crystal clear and the variety of species mind-blowing.

Special Features: Filmmaker’s Commentary, Atmospheric Audio Experience, Photo Gallery

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