Glee: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray Edition

Glee is a series that truly became a pop culture phenomenon. It caught on fast and burned brightly. As usually happens it has nowhere to go but down. As a result it has struggled to remain “hot” and relevant to the younger population. In an attempt to do just that they have brought on some big name guest stars and changed the course of the show a little. Have they been successful? That is for you to decide.

In the series’ fourth season some of the kids we know and love from McKinley High have scattered everywhere while everyone is at a crossroad in their lives. Rachel (played by Lea Michele) and Kurt (played by Chris Colfer) are in New York City. Finn (played by Corey Monteith) is doing something that would surprise most. Emma (played by Jayma Mays) and Will (played by Matthew Morrison) are not sure about what to do next.

Episode 1: The New Rachel: The brand new school year at McKinley High begins. The glee club wonders how to replace Rachel.

Episode 2: Britney 2.0: Brittany (played by Heather Morris) is depressed so she begins dancing to the music of her idol – Britney Spears. Rachel asks Brody (played by Dean Geyer) for help to impress her dance teacher (played by Kate Hudson).

Episode 3: Makeover: Blaine (played by Darren Criss) and Brittany both run for President of Student Council. Kurt gets his dream job.

Episode 4: The Break-Up: Brittany and Santana (played by Naya Rivera) decide to go ahead with a long distance relationship. Emma is not happy about Will’s new job opportunity.

Episode 5: The Role You Were Born to Play: Glee club is getting ready to put on “Grease”. Everyone is encouraged to find the role they feel they were born to play.

Episode 6: Glease: Rachel and Kurt decide to go back to McKinley High to see Grease. Blaine is the star while Finn is directing.

Episode 7: Dynamic Duets: There is one week to go until Sectionals. Glee club members are encouraged to reveal their inner superheroes.

Episode 8: Thanksgiving: It is Thanksgiving and Quinn (played by Dianna Agron) and other graduates return to help prepare for Sectionals. Finn tells Glee Club that they are going to have to Gangnam dance.

Episode 9: Swan Song: Finn contemplates his future with New Directions. Rachel is readying herself for the NYADA Winter Showcase.

Episode 10: Glee, Actually: Artie (played by Kevin McHale) is taken through a It’s a Wonderful Life situation. Kurt gets a surprise visit from his father and a reunion with Blaine.

Episode 11: Sadie Hawkins: McKinley hosts a Sadie Hawkins dance. Kurt makes a new friend while at NYADA.

Episode 12: Naked: To help fund their trip to Nationals, New Directions make a sexy calendar. Rachel is conflicted about being cast in a student film.

Episode 13: Diva: It is Diva Week and Finn asks Glee to tap into their inner divas. Kurt can no longer take Rachel’s arrogant behaviour.

Episode 14: I Do: It is time for Will and Emma’s wedding. Former and current members of Glee club gather for the occasion.

Episode 15: Girls (and Boys) on Film: Glee club members are told to perform their favourite song from a movie. Kurt and Rachel are uncomfortable about how quickly Santana settles into living with them in the loft.

Episode 16: Feud: Santana is suspicious about Brody’s job. Will and Finn have to work through the tension between them.

Episode 17: Guilty Pleasures: Glee club has the assignment of performing songs they love but are embarrassed about liking. Sam (played by Chord Overstreet) and Blaine are becoming close friends.

Episode 18: Shooting Star: Brittany believes that a meteor is going to hit Peru. As a result, Glee club is given the assignment to live as if it was their last days.

Episode 19: Sweet Dreams: Finn begins to adjust to being a college student. New Directions finds out that “Dreams” is the theme for Regionals.

Episode 20: Lights Out: The power goes out and Will comes up with the idea of Glee club doing acoustic numbers. Blaine tries to get Sue (played by Jane Lynch) to return to McKinley.

Episode 21: Wonder-ful: Will gets New Directions members to perform Stevie Wonder songs. Artie tells Kitty (played by Becca Tobin) that he got into film school but is not going.

Episode 22: All or Nothing: New Directions are preparing for Regionals with their eye on the big prize – Nationals. Brittany comes back from M.I.T. a new person.

Episode 23: Love Love Love: New Directions does The Beatles. Kurt and Blaine consider a future together.

Special Features: Glee Music Jukebox, Movin’ On Up: Glee in NYC, Jarley, Building New York, Deleted Scenes, Glee on Film, The Road to 500, Blaine’s Time Capsule, Glee Premiere Party!

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