American Horror Story: Asylum – The Complete Second Season – Blu-ray Edition

Since its very first episodes American Horror Story, co-created by Ryan Murphy of Glee fame, made an impression upon watchers. It managed to be something that was supposed to be scary actually be creepy and disturbing. American Horror Story is about different characters in different locations with plenty of death surrounding all of them. The tension is high as it is done in a smart and well acted way. In the first season it revolved a haunted house and in the second the haunted house has been replaced by an insane asylum in Massachusetts. The story focuses on the patients and those who work at the asylum. The tone in the second season has changed from sinister to something that is more actively going for scary. You might have an adjustment to make but you’ll realize very quickly because of the quality that it is well worth it.

Episode 1: Welcome to Briarcliff: At Briarcliff Manor, an insane asylum, there resides a serial killer who has a loose grip on reality.

Episode 2: Tricks and Treats: A farm boy who seems possessed prompts the staff to call on an exorcist. The truth about Sister Ruth’s (played by Jessica Lange) past is revealed.

Episode 3: Nor’easter: A storm is coming and it might allow Kit (played by Evan Peters), Shelley (played by Chloe Sevigny) and Grace (played by Lizzie Brochere) the chance to escape. Sister Jude comes face to face with a ghost from her past.

Episode 4: I Am Anne Frank, Part 1: Kit uncovers why Grace is at Briarcliff. A patient claims to be Anne Frank but more importantly can reveal stuff about Dr. Arthur Arden (played by James Cromwell).

Episode 5: I Am Anne Frank, Part 2: Kit makes a confession and the identity of Bloody Mask is revealed. Sister Jude finds out about Dr. Arden’s past.

Episode 6: The Origins of Monstrosity: Monsignor Howard (played by Joseph Fiennes) makes a deal with Dr. Arden that he might end up regretting. A young girl arrives at Briarcliff.

Episode 7: Dark Cousin: Kit attempts to get back together with Grace. A dark force seems to be within Briarcliff and Sister Mary Eunice (played by Lily Rabe) is aware of it.

Episode 8: Unholy Night: A killer Santa is causing chaos at Briarcliff. Sister Jude goes head to head with Satan.

Episode 9: The Coat Hanger: Sister Mary Eunice gives shocking news to Lana (played by Sarah Paulson). Dr. Arden is determined to figure out what happened to Grace.

Episode 10: The Name Game: Dr. Arden finishes up with his experiments. Kit reunites with someone unexpected.

Episode 11: Spilt Milk: Sister Jude threatens the very existence of Briarcliff. Kit gets a message from Grace.

Episode 12: Continuum: A new inmate at Briarcliff brings with them a threat to Sister Jude. Grace becomes more and more obsessed with her alien abductors.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, The Orderly, What is American Horror Story: Asylum?, Welcome to Briarcliff Manor, The Creatures

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