Jason Derulo – Tattoos

Here is the third studio album from a guy who sings about loving change and yet he is in a steady relationship with fellow singer Jordin Sparks. His songs sing of lipstick marks and are filled with double entendres. Yet on the track “Vertigo”, a duet with Sparks, it is about love and shows restraint. Then “Marry Me” reveals him to be a guy who wants to spend his life with one woman and is even dreaming about the day when he proposes. These latter two songs really suit his crazy falsetto. As to the playah versus rock solid guy I say “What the???” When you really pay attention to the album you realize that it is filled with juxtaposition and contrast. He is a guy who either has ADD or is trying to demonstrate his range. There are dance tunes, rockers, salsa influences and then pure pop. A cornucopia of musical styles to match the different sides of himself that Derulo lets us see. The choruses on the dance numbers will have you singing along with them while the ballads will have you asking your man why he cannot be more like Derulo. What it all adds up to is an easy, breezy listen but nothing really groundbreaking.

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