Icona Pop – This Is…

One of the bigger songs of this past summer was Icona Pop’s “I Love It”. It was everywhere. Played ad nausea on radio. And yet I still did not get sick of it singing the silly thing out loud without even really realizing it. That is basically what pop music is about. Great hooks and harmonies that cause you to sing it out loud. The female duo behind this big hit are Swedes Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo. They have now released a whole album of material. Their voices meld very well but some of the material is not up to the catchy standard of their first single. That is not to say that “I Love It” is the only good thing about This Is… It isn’t but it certainly represents one of the better songs. The front end of the album is where you will find the stronger songs. “In the Stars” is a nice bit of Euro pop and a lot of fun. It seems like that is what these two gals are primarily about, make music to have fun to. There are no deep lyrics or technically mind blowing riffs. It is simple and keeps to that formula. So if you are looking to just dance around singing then pick this up

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