Terry Gillespie & The Granary Band – Brother of the Blues

Born in Detroit, grew up in England, moved to Toronto and now living in Ottawa, Ontario, Terry Gillespie is considered one of the premiere blues musicians in Canada. The man has played with such legends as John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy and Peter Tosh.  In 2001 he gathered a collection of musicians to jam with that finally took on the name of The Granary Band.  Brother of the Blues is their second album and is made up of eleven songs.  The songs all have a little something different sounding about them.  There are a number of different musical genres represented amongst them including reggae, blues, country and jazz. In other words, this is an album for all music lovers. You will find something you gravitate to on at least one of the tracks. The crafting of the songs is top notch with plenty of musicality involved. There are lovely arrangements, catchy hooks and cool sax solos.  Gillespie shows he is still the king of roots music in Canada because he has held on to his American roots and the sound of blues from that country.

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