Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2013 Wrap-Up

The 42nd annual Festival du Nouveau Cinema just wrapped up this past Sunday and they presented their awards.  Here is a list of the winners:

LOUVE D’OR – presented by Québecor

Best feature film in the International Competition ($15,000 cash from Québecor)

HELI, Amat Escalante (Mexico/Germany/Netherlands/France)

Special Mention:

L’INCONNU DU LAC, Alain Guiraudie (France)

(Compétition Internationale)  Special Jury Prize

IN BLOOM,  Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross (Georgia/Germany/France)

Daniel Langlois Innovation Award

The work in the International Competition that stands out for its daring aesthetics, creative use of new technologies and/or groundbreaking treatment of a sensitive subject matter.

MISS VIOLENCE, Alexandros Avranas (Greece)

(Compétition Internationale)  Best Actor or Actress Award

Best actor or actress in a feature film in the International Competition

Samantha Castillo in PELO MALO by Mariana Rondón (Venezuela)

AQCC Award

Best feature in the International Competition

L’ESCALE, Kaveh Bakhtiari (Switzerland/France)

Focus Grand Prize presented by Air France

Best feature film in the Focus section ($5,000 cash and 2 plane tickets from Air France)

GERONTOPHILIA, Bruce LaBruce (Québec/Canada)

Special Jury Prize

DIEGO STAR, Frédérick Pelletier (Québec/Canada)

(Focus Québec/Canada) / Best Actor or Actress Award

Best actor or actress in the Focus section

Isaka Sawadogo dans DIEGO STAR by Frédérick Pelletier (Québec/Canada)

Temps Ø People’s Choice Award – Presented by TFO

($5,000 cash from TFO)


Short Films

Loup argenté

Best short film in the International Competition

MILLE SOLEILS, Mati Diop (France)

Grand Prix Focus Short Film presented by Post-Moderne 

Best Canadian short film in the Focus Québec/Canada section ($ 5,000 cash and $ 10,000 in post-production services awarded by Post-Moderne)

QUELQU’UN D’EXTRAORDINAIRE, Monia Chokri (Québec/Canada)

Prix créativité presented by MAtv Awarded to the most original short film in the Focus Quebec/Canada section ($ 1,000 cash prize awarded by MAtv)

MALODY, Phillip Barker (Canada)


Prix innovation FNC Lab  

awarded to the most innovative work for new platforms ($1,000 cash)

JOURNAL D’UNE INSOMNIE COLLECTIVE, Guillaume Braun, Bruno Choinière, Thibaut Duverneix and Philippe Lambert (Québec/Canada)

Special Mention 

LAST ROOM / DEPLI by Pierre Carniaux and Thierry Fournier (France)

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