Meet the Small Potatoes

The first feature film for the Small Potatoes and hopefully the last. Despite the fact that this is aimed at young ones it really is of such poor quality that they might even be bored watching it.  That is something as kids have loved such annoying and poorly made films by the Chipmunks and Smurfs in the past.

Done in the style of a rock documentary, the film by director Josh Selig (director of a couple of The Wonder Pets episodes) covers how Ruby, Nate, Chip and Olaf started off as no name potatoes in the dirt of Idaho to become part of the most popular singing group in the world.  We see how through their friendship that they made their dreams come true.

Even the fact that the music in this animated feature was done by Tony Award-winner Tony Bock cannot save it from being horrible.  The voices are annoying, the style of animation is amateur looking and the story is silly. I mean, sight gags relating to the 60s and 70s in a film aimed at kids? Talk about not knowing your audience.

Special Features:

-A Series of 10 Animated Shorts Featuring Your Favorite Potatoes

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