Blue Bloods: The Third Season

One of the minds behind this show compared Blue Bloods to Bonanza. A family that brings law and justice to a portion of the United States. It is just taking place in a different era. The Reagans are the first family of law in the city of New York.  Great grandfather Henry Reagan (played by Len Cariou) is the former police commissioner of New York. His son Frank (played by Tom Selleck) is the present police commissioner. Eldest son Danny (played by Donnie Wahlberg) is a detective. Daughter Erin is an assistant district attourney and youngest son Jamie (played by Will Estes) is a beat cop. Despite the high pressure and danger of their jobs the Reagans get through it all by leaning on each other for support and love.

Episode 1: Family Business: A dangerous criminal (played by Michael Madson) who Danny busted many years prior has been released and is now seeking revenge. The way he plans to do that is to kidnap Jackie (played by Jennifer Esposito).

Episode 2: Domestic Disturbance: Danny and Jackie work a case involving a woman and a well-known councilman (played by Richard Burgi). The difficult part is that the councilman is a friend of Frank’s.

Episode 3: Old Wounds: Two guys who have been involved in a gang rape turn up dead and Danny think a vigilante is behind the deaths. Frank had to deal with the young winner of the “Commissioner for a Day” contest.

Episode 4: Scorched Earth: Danny and Jackie have to drop a case involving a bride killed on her wedding day to protect a Central American President. Jamie’s partner worries about the legality of an arrest they make.

Episode 5: Risk and Reward: An undercover cop, who has just been awarded a Medal of Valor, is kidnapped by a Malaysian drug lord. Both Frank and Danny work the case.

Episode 6: Greener Grass: Erin asks Danny to protect a witness, a famous photographer, for one of her cases. Danny and Linda (played by Amy Carlson) are going through financial difficulties.

Episode 7: Nightmare: Erin takes the boys trick-or-treating while their parents are working. Jackie decides that due to stress she needs to take time off from being a cop.

Episode 8: Higher Education: Danny and Kate (played by Megan Ketch) have to work a drug case with an overeager narcotics detective named Eddie Stone (played by Dash Mihok). Jamie begins to rethink his career choice after meeting a former law school buddy.

Episode 9: Secrets and Lies: Linda lets Danny know what she overhears a shooting victim saying about who shot him. Jamie seeks revenge on the thief who mugged his grandfather.

Episode 10: Fathers and Sons: Danny and Kate are looking for a sniper who seems to be targeting his victims for environmental reasons.  Linda and Danny’s son Sean (played by Andrew Terraciano) is involved in an accident and is in the hospital in a coma.

Episode 11: Front Page News: Jamie has to go see a psychologist after he shoots and kills a civilian. Mayor Poole (played by David Ramsey) is a witness in one of Erin’s cases.

Episode 12: Framed: A large amount of cocaine is found in the trunk of Danny’s car. He is arrested and his family feels they have to step back in order not to be seen as guilty of favouritism.

Episode 13: Inside Jobs: Danny is assigned another new partner named Mac (played by Megan Boone) and they work a case of a man thrown out of a car who has been badly beaten and has a rat down the front of his pants. The case turns out to have a link with Erin.

Episode 14: Men in Black: The head of the Morganthal family is dying and names his younger son Levi (played by Yuval Boim) as his successor. Levi is found stabbed to death shortly afterwards.

Episode 15: Warriors: When a young boy is shot in a gang neighbourhood Danny discovers that maybe he was not the target. Frank has to decide whether he can do something to save the life of a young woman seeking asylum in the United States.

Episode 16: Quid Pro Quo: Danny has to arrest a friend after a fight during a pickup basketball game. Erin and Danny begin investigating a cold case.

Episode 17: Protest Too Much: A protest group begins following the Reagan family around and photographing them causing difficulties in Erin’s latest case. Danny works a case involving a Bonnie and Clyde type pair of bank robbers.

Episode 18: No Regrets: Jamie tries to figure out whether or not to return a young boy to what might be a dangerous family situation. Frank tries to help a friend who might be having trouble with the drink.

Episode 19: Loss of Faith: A Catholic college student who was dating a Muslim is found murdered. Frank assembles a team to hunt down a former cop who may be targeting other cops.

Episode 20: Ends & Means: Erin is promoted to Deputy Trial Bureau Chief. Her excitement about the promotion ends quickly when she realizes her boss ignored evidence in a rape case.

Episode 21: Devil’s Breath: Jamie gets himself involved in a cover up to protect another cop, who he sees as a hero. Nicky (played by Sami Gayle) decides to take on the administration at her private high school.

Episode 22: The Bitter End: A young woman kills herself and her infant child so that he won’t be forced into gang life operating in the project she lives in. The residents of the project are not helpful in the ensuing investigation because they feel ignored by the police.

Episode 23: This Way Out: The Reagans work together to take down the Los Lordes gang from the Bitter End project. Danny looks to get an in through the girlfriend of the Los Lordes gang leader.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, The Story of the Reagans, Season 3, Dinner With the Reagans, Growing Up Reagan, Exclusive Set Tour, Gag Reel

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