Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day

I guess not all recording artists can be Rihannas and release an album every year. Some take a bit longer but seventeen years is a little bit much, no? That is the time between Mazzy Star’s last album and most recent, Seasons of Your Day. The duo from California (Hope Sandoval and David Roback) have taken their time writing, constructing and recording the ten tracks on the album. In actuality some of the songs on the album are old ones dating back thirteen years or so. If you are a fan of the band and have caught them live then you might recognize some of the tunes as they have been kicking around for years and have only just now been released. It is interesting to hear the changes in Hope Sandoval’s voice over the years as it has gotten a little deeper while still remaining haunting.  It makes the album almost sound like a resume of the band’s career. Their songs have achieved deeper levels over the years but here’s to hoping we won’t have to wait another almost two decades for more new(ish) stuff.

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