Springsteen and I – Blu-ray Edition

A music documentary that takes a little bit different an approach in that it turns its cameras on the fans primarily rather than the musician.  Bruce Springsteen has always been seen as a blue collar rock and roller and as such has always had a man of the people appeal to rock fans.  We see how fervent these fans can be about the man they idolize.

There are segments with Bruce Springsteen in concert but they are interspersed between the meat of the film – interviews with über fans.  These fans try to communicate what the man and his music has meant to them over The Boss’s over 40 year music career.  Their insights about the relevance and impact the music has had on their lives is at times poignant while others humourous.  All of it is rather insightful.  It really illustrates the bond that has formed between Springsteen and his fans.  The connection he has made with his fans through his music is amazing. My favourite is the segment with The Philly Elvis.

Springsteen himself comes off as warm, grounded and gracious.  He knows how important his fans are and really relishes them.  The man and his music really inspires people, brings them together and makes them want to live life to their fullest.

Fans will be thrilled by the live performances by The Boss.  Many of them have never been seen before.  Songs like “Thunder Road”, “Spirits in the Night”, “Dancing in the Dark”, “Born to Run”, “I’m on Fire”, and “Born in the USA” like you’ve never seen them before.

Special Features:

-Six tracks from Bruce Springsteen’s 2012 Hyde Park performance: “Thunder Road”; “Because The Night”; “Shackled & Drawn” and “We Are Alive”, and “Twist and Shout” and “I Saw Her Standing There” accompanied by Paul McCartney sharing vocals

-Additional Fan Contributions

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