Nikita: The Complete Third Season – Blu-ray Edition

The hot and cold second season of this CW series drove its numbers down. That is too bad because this truly is a good show. Season three demonstrates exactly that. It is a spy show, yes, but not your typical one. In season three Nikita (played by Maggie Q), Michael (played by Shane West) and FBI analyst Ryan (played by Noah Bean) are running Division. Quite the turnaround!

During the third season it was announced that this show would be canceled. They did, however, give them a mini fourth season (six episodes) in order to wrap things up. So it won’t end abruptly without any wrapping up. Fans can be thankful for that. The quality of season three will make it that much more of a hard watch knowing that it is coming to an end soon.

Episode 1: 3.0: Ryan takes over as the head of Division with Nikita at his side. The first case they undertake is the takedown of “The Dirty Thirty”.

Episode 2: Innocence: A rogue Division agent is holding a girl named Liza (played by Annalise Baso) captive. After brainwashing Liza he is using her to help him on his own “missions”.

Episode 3: True Believer: Ryan tells Nikita that an undercover agent has been arrested and is now in prison. Nikita wonders why they are still doing Percy’s missions.

Episode 4: Consequences: Owen (played by Devon Sawa) manages to get a message to Nikita that he has been freed. When Nikita catches up with him he is more than a little surprised to find out she is with Division.

Episode 5: The Sword’s Edge: One of Division’s rogue agents has managed to get himself elected as the President of Uzbekistan. He is planning to assassinate the President of the United States.

Episode 6: Sideswipe: Nikita and Michael capture a dangerous arms dealer. Cyrus (played by Isaiah Mustafa) is double crossed by Amanda (played by Melinda Clarke) and his only chance at survival is Nikita.

Episode 7: Intersection: Nikita finds out that Amanda’s mole is Sonya (played by Lyndie Greenwood). It will be tricky to get her out as she has a kill chip and another mole in Division watching her.

Episode 8: Aftermath: Michael takes on a new job within Division. As a result his relationship with Nikita becomes strained.

Episode 9: Survival Instincts: Ryan sends a team to rescue Kate (played by Anna Hopkins), the girlfriend of a rogue agent. Nikita is puzzled when Michael does not go with her into the field rather he sends Owen.

Episode 10: Brave New World: Michael is no longer a field agent. He is now once again running Operations within Division.

Episode 11: Black Badge: The director of the CIA, Morgan Kendrick (played by Brian Howe), is killed. Amanda frames Sean (played by Dillon Casey) for the murder.

Episode 12: With Fire: Nikita and Owen head to New York in order to try and get Ari (played by Peter Outerbridge) before the FBI does. Once there they realize that Ari has planned everything in order to get a chance to speak to Nikita.

Episode 13: Reunion: Amanda is desperate to get her hands on the black box so she kidnaps Ari’s son Stefan (played by Dylan Minnette). Ari wants Nikita to help him get Stefan back.

Episode 14: The Life We’ve Chosen: Amanda holds Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) hostage and offers Nikita to trade her for Ari. Michael begins to have his suspicions about Ryan.

Episode 15: Inevitability: Alex refuses to take part in a mission that involves the killing of the President of Chad. Nikita’s withholding of secrets begins to make Alex angry.

Episode 16: Tipping Point: Nikita and Michael find out about a prosthetic hand that could work for him. Alex and Sean are looking into a mutiny within Division.

Episode 17: Masks: Amanda begins helping Owen tap into his past. Nikita also tries to help him deal with things.

Episode 18: Broken Home: Amanda captures and drugs Nikita and begins to administer her mental conditioning process to the helpless agent. This brings Nikita on an awful trip down memory lane.

Episode 19: Self-Destruct: Alex, a victim of Amanda’s mental conditioning process, begins to lash out violently. Nikita and Michael try to salvage what they can of Division.

Episode 20: High-Value Target: The black box falls into the hands of an agent under the control of Amanda. Cyrus is back and wants to do good.

Episode 21: Invisible Hand: Michael and Nikita become engaged. Michael begins to doubt that Nikita will walk away from Division.

Episode 22: Til Death Do Us Part: Amanda forces Nikita to choose between herself and Michael. The team tries to get to Amanda to stop her.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel

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