Moby – Innocents

Listening to this his latest album there are moments when it very familiar sounding (i.e. Moby sounding) with its chill attitude, nice string arrangements and sad sound. Then there are other moments when you utter “wuh wuh?” because it sounds like nothing you have heard from the guy before. Upon closer inspection I realized that this was because of the tons of guests on the disc. Seems like this was not just a case of loads of songs “featuring” guest artists; these are true collaborations. With the guest vocalists bringing their own uniqueness and sounds to the songs they are working on. Mark Lanegan, Wayne Coyne, Skylar Grey and Damien Jurado all add dimensions to Moby tracks that have not previously been heard. Part of the credit for this has to fall on producer Mark Spike Spent (Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce, and U2). He has obviously challenged this established but innovative artist to go further than he ever has before and the results are good. A total rebound from the all over the place of an album Destroyed that he released in 2011. It isn’t a great deviation from the general sound on that album; it is just that he seems more focused. Innocents is still filled with great background or cocktail party music rather than tracks that will beckon you to the dancefloor. All this on his eleventh studio album. Growth and musical exploration are still happening.

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