Breaking Bad: The Final Season – Blu-ray Edition

Sadly the final eight episodes after a glorious six season (really five seasons but because season five was divided into two parts some consider it two separate seasons) run that kept us on the edge of our seats with some of the most original storylines in television history. The story of a mild mannered high school chemistry teacher who after finding out he has terminal cancer decides to provide his family with financial security after he dies by cooking and selling meth. Walter (played by Bryan Cranston) hooks up with small time drug dealer Jesse (played by Aaron Paul), a young guy who used to be one of his students, to help him sell the stuff he makes. Because he is a chemistry expert the meth Walter designs is some of the best on the market and his stuff is high in demand. The quality of meth brings Walter and Jesse a lot of money and along with their success a lot of trouble. Over the course of the six seasons the two characters have had to deal with a lot of stuff and as a result their characters have gone on interesting evolution arcs. Breaking Bad has ended but has gone out with a bang rather than a whimper. As if you expected anything different.

Episode 1: Blood Money: Walter meets with Jesse in order to work out his adjustment to life without cooking meth. Hank (played by Dean Norris) is still dealing with some loose ends and evidence in his investigation.

Episode 2: Buried: Skyler (played by Anna Gunn) is facing some trouble because of her past while Walter has to cover his tracks. Guilt is still getting the best of Jesse.

Episode 3: Confessions: Jesse decides on a big change. Walter and Skyler have to face something they did not expect.

Episode 4: Rabid Dog: Something begins that could change a lot for several people. Walter puts some feelers out via Saul (played by Bob Odenkirk) to try and find Jesse.

Episode 5: To’hajilee: Hank is still looking for evidence to tie Walter to the drug crimes. Walter tries to pressure Jesse into coming out of hiding but Jesse ends up turning it around on him and Walter ends up returning to the desert.

Episode 6: Ozymandias: Everyone has to deal with big changes in their lives especially Walter who is now on the run. Jesse is taken hostage.

Episode 7: Granite State: Walter is adjusting to his new identity. Jesse plans his escape.

Episode 8: Felina: Walter attempts to tie up some loose ends in Albuquerque. He makes his former business partners an offer they cannot refuse.

Special Features: Inside Breaking Bad, Deleted Scenes, Blood Money Table Read, Walt’s Confession, Jesse Pinkman Evidence Tapes, The Layers of a Sound Mix, Ozymandias Trailer, Gag Reel, Extended Scenes, The Main Event, The Final Showdown, Life of a Show Runner, Alternate Ending, Fire in the Hole: M60 Test Footage, Mythbusters’ Breaking Bad Episode

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