The Simpson: The Sixteenth Season – Blu-ray Edition

The longevity of this animated television show oftentimes makes me scratch my head. Then after rethinking the whole thing I realize it makes complete sense as we can all see something about our own families in this dysfunctional American family. Marge, Homer, Lisa and Bart are just exaggerated versions of ourselves. Sixteen years later The Simpsons is not as popular or up front and center as it used to be but it still exists there on the fringe as a reflection of middle class families throughout North America. The show has not changed much over the course of its run and in this instance that is a good thing.

Episode 1: Treehouse of Horror XV: Lisa and Bart investigate a couple of Jack the Ripper style murders.

Episode 2: All’s Fair in Oven War: Marge decides to cheat in a baking competition. After saving his dad’s Playdude magazines, Bart becomes something of a swinger.

Episode 3: Sleeping With the Enemy: Kids meanly make fun of the size of Lisa’s butt and so she decides to go on a binge diet. Marge decides to take in Nelson as her adopted son.

Episode 4: She Used to Be My Girl: Lisa begins worshipping an old friend (voiced by Kim Catrell) of Marge’s who is very successful. This makes Marge very jealous.

Episode 5: Fat Man and Little Boy: Bart begins having a childhood midlife crisis and he is not happy about it. As he begins to ignore Homer, Homer turns his attention to Lisa.

Episode 6: Midnight Rx: Mr. Burns decides to cut his employees health benefits. Desperate they turn to drug smuggling.

Episode 7: Mommie Beerest: Moe’s closes for renovations. He and Marge become business partners and Moe finds himself with amorous feelings for Homer’s wife.

Episode 8: Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass: After some wildly popular dance moves, Homer becomes the choreographer of the football half time show. Ned begins to produce Biblically themed films.

Episode 9: Pranksta Rap: After his parents forbid him from going to a rap concert Bart decides to go anyway. In order to get away with it he fakes being kidnapped.

Episode 10: There’s Something About Marrying: Marge is shocked when she finds out someone she knows is gay. Homer decides to cash in on gay marriage being legal by becoming a minister via the Internet.

Episode 11: On a Clear Day I Can’t See My Sister: Lisa files a restraining order against Bart. Because of this Bart has to live in the backyard.

Episode 12: Goo Goo Gai Pan: Selma decides to adopt an Asian baby. She needs a husband to do so and poor Homer ends up being married to his sister-in-law.

Episode 13: Mobile Homer: Homer hurts himself and Marge goes into an economizing frenzy.

Episode 14: The Seven Beer Snitch: Springfield’s new concert hall goes bankrupt on its first night. To use the space it is converted into a prison.

Episode 15: Future-Drama: Bart and Lisa get a look into their future courtesy of Professor Frink. Bart behaviour puts at risk Lisa’s happiness.

Episode 16: Don’t Fear the Roofer: Homer is having hallucinations (or is he?) and he finds himself with a “special friend” (voiced by Ray Romano).

Episode 17: The Heartbroke Kid: It is discovered that there might be a recessive gene within the Simpson family that leads to addiction problems. Bart becomes addicted to junk food.

Episode 18: A Star is Torn: Lisa takes part in an American Idol style competition. Homer starts off as her coach but when he becomes a crazed stage father Lisa fires him.

Episode 19: Thank God, It’s Doomsday: Homer becomes a prophet during the apocalypse. He predicts the end of the world and then doesn’t know what to do when it doesn’t happen.

Episode 20: Home Away From Homer: Ned rents a room to two young ladies who are running a webcam site from there. Ned is clueless but Homer isn’t.

Episode 21: Father, Son and the Holy Guest Star: A cool priest (voiced by Liam Neeson) tries to get Homer and Bart to accept Catholicism.

Special Features: Greetings, Junior Scienteers!, Sketch Gallery I, “Lisa’s Wedding” Bonus Episode –  Season 6, Special Language Feature – Pranksta Rap, Sketch Gallery II, Living the Moment, “Bart to the Future” Bonus Episode – Season 11, Deleted Scenes, Animation Showcase Future-Drama, Live! It’s the Simpsons!, “Holidays of Future Passed” Bonus Episode – Season 22

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