The Avett Brothers – Magpie and the Dandelion

The Avett Brothers’ recording sessions with Rick Rubin that produced the album The Carpenter is like the gift that keeps on giving. A second album of material has come out of it. This one still being filled with alt-folk stuff but of the darker variety. You can feel Rubin’s influence throughout as there is plenty of fiddle, banjo and harmonica to be heard and felt. It starts off with a rollicking tune called “Open Ended Life” and then settles into a series of slower yet still filled with depth songs. Whether complete ballads or just acoustic the songs don’t drag rather they show the evolution of the band and their deft lyric writing skills. Thought provoking words that cause you to take a while to understand that while immediately they seem down they really are uplifting. Beautiful and deeply moving. While some songs will draw you in immediately if you give the others a couple of listens they will work their way into your heart and mind as well.

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