Paul McCartney – New

At seventy-one-years of age Paul McCartney is probably our biggest living musical legend. Any release from him makes the music world sit up and take notice. On New he is anything but (new, I mean). Not that I am panning what he has recorded but he certainly isn’t reinventing the wheel. What he is doing is using some of the best producers around like Mark Ronson and Giles Martin (son of Beatles’ producer George Martin) to return to the catchy type of pop music he churned out effortlessly with the Beatles in days gone by. I’m not saying that this, his first album of new material in six years is up to that level, but it is good. This is proper pop music. Meaning it is at the same time catchy and yet contains lyrical depth. It is not complete fluff; it just sounds like it. the more you listen to it the more you’ll realize this is not your typical Top 40 crap in that the musicality is high and the arrangements are intricate. All that work going in to making it seem simple. Listen to the tracks “Alligator” or “New” carefully and you’ll understand what I mean. It is also “old fashioned” in that it has been created as an album or a complete work. It is meant to be listened to together and is not just a series of unrelated singles. There is invariably some that you’ll like better than others but that is inevitable.

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