Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt

Grunge was a musical era that was popular in the nineties. It had its time and then it went quietly into the night. Few bands that were popular in that era still continue to have success today. One of the rare exceptions in Pearl Jam. This has to do with the fact that they respect their fans and have not jumped on the bandwagon of whichever musical trend is hot in order to sell albums. Though I must qualify that by saying that they have not released any new music in a few years and are no way near as commercially successful as they once were. Lightning Bolt has been highly anticipated by their fanbase as they are seen as the band that is now carrying the torch of classic American rock for that nation. Lyrically it is dark and depressing, which we all know makes for the best music. Even though it can be loud at times (there are a fair share of down tempo songs as well) there is still enough of a lyrical content to make you pay attention to what they are saying and not just how loud. On the slower songs there is still a burning going on so they do not become dull. For the most part, it is still their own brand of melodic hard rock coupled with that somehow pleasing voice of frontman Eddie Vedder. The tracks “Sirens” and “Infallible” are both examples of what Pearl Jam does best. If you haven’t listened to Pearl Jam in a while then this album will remind you why you liked them in the first place

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