Touched By an Angel: The Ninth and Final Season

For nine seasons Monica (played by Rona Downey), Tess (played by Della Reese), Andrew (played by John Dye) and Gloria (played Valerie Bertinelli) were a staple in lots of households once a week. They provided comfort and faith to millions.  For some the neat resolution of big problems in one hour flat is too convenient or unrealistic. For others it provided them with what they needed to carry on in life. Little lessons every week.

Episode 1: A Rock and a Hard Place: An older woman who is looking forward to dying and a father and his troubled teenage son are trapped in a rustic hotel with the angels. A meteor is on course to crash in to California killing everyone.

Episode 2: The Sixteenth Minute: A guy who feels invisible most of the time ends up saving the life of a young female dancer trapped in an old collapsing silver mine. Afterwards when he starts getting treating like a hero it really goes to his head and he is a changed man.

Episode 3: Two Sides of Every Angel: A demon who looks exactly like Monica is sent to test Gloria. Good people are put in danger’s way as a result.

Episode 4: The Word: A single father who is illiterate with a daughter with OCD accidentally overdoses her on her medication. The angels try their hardest to bring father and daughter back together.

Episode 5: A Feather on the Breath of God: A woman who knows she is dying takes a job at a funeral home. She does this with the goal of introducing her daughter to the funeral director, who is actually her estranged father.

Episode 6: Jump!: A shock radio DJ  uses the potential suicide of a teenager to his advantage. The angels have to try and save the boy and show the DJ the error of his ways.

Episode 7: Bring on the Rain: Monica is assigned to work with a teenage girl and her mother who live in a trailer park. The teenager has kept hidden from her friends where she lives and that her mother is a waitress.

Episode 8: Remembering Me (Part 1): Tess is diagnosed with acute Alzheimer’s. This has never happened to an angel.

Episode 9: Remembering Me (Part 2): Tess’s Alzheimer’s gets worse quickly. Monica has trouble carrying on with her assignment with Tess getting worse.

Episode 10: The Christmas Watch: The workers at a small watchmaker’s shop find out on Christmas Eve that they are closing due to bankruptcy. A widow shows up on that last night and asks them to repair a badly damaged but very important watch.

Episode 11: Private Eyes: A private eye (played by Stacy Keach) has taken in a teenage girl off the streets for her protection. The angels attempt to reunite the girl with her estranged father.

Episode 12: The Root of All Evil: A man tells a priest (played by Charles Durning) that he is going to rob a bank. The priest plays a part in stopping the robbery without breaking his seal of confession.

Episode 13: A Time For Every Purpose: The angels attempt to reunite a man dying of ALS with his estranged brother. The purpose is to stop him from taking his own life.

Episode 14: And a Nightingale Sang: It is Valentine’s Day and there is a blizzard happening. At a restaurant the angels try to show the few couples there the meaning of love.

Episode 15: As It is in Heaven: Monica is forced back to driving school and cannot carry through on her assignment. She is shocked when the instructor reveals that she already knows Monica is an angel.

Episode 16: Song For My Father: A teenage girl who can really sing and is part of a garage band which does not thrill her father. A health crisis really changes everything the family believes to be important.

Episode 17: The Good Earth: The angels attempt to help the inventor (played by Dennis Weaver) of an energy-saving device. Things become even more critical when they find out that he is dying.

Episode 18: Virtual Reality: Monica works on an assignment that involves uncovering whether a video game had any influence on a teen and an accident he was part of. The accident resulted in a young woman ending up in a coma.

Episode 19: The Show Must Not Go On: A community theatre struggles as part of a disintegrating community. The angels step in when everyone has lost hope.

Episode 20: At the End of the Aisle: Monica, Tess and Andrew attend the wedding of an old friend (played by Wynonna Judd). They are hesitant about her to marry a man who has lost his faith.

Episode 21: I Will Walk With You (Part 1): Monica starts work on her final assignment. She is hoping to be promoted to supervisor like Tess.

Episode 22: I Will Walk With You (Part 2): Monica tries to restore hope and faith in a town that has lived through a horrible disaster. She finds herself up against the devil (played by David Ogden Stiers).

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