Katy Perry – Prism

Recording a follow-up album after the monstrous hit that Teenage Dream was is an intimidating thing. Katy Perry, who also was going through a divorce from Russell Brand at the time, must have felt the weight of the world on her shoulders. Though it has taken three years Prism is finally here and it seems to be an attempt by Miss Perry to show that she has many more sides than the pop princess she was on her previous album. While there is still the effervescent moments that millions fell in love with and allowed her to dominate radio and Top 40 charts for two years there is a more serious and even, I dare say, darker Katy to be discovered on Prism. She seemed to be in an introspective mood while creating the twelve songs on the album. Though she is wise enough to realize that she could not maintain her level of success by turning her back on the type of pop music that made her so popular so much of the darkness is cloaked in a type of music that sounds very much like that made by Swedish pop stars Lykke Li and Robyn. She surrounded herself with tons of producers and collaborators she worked with before like Dr. Luke, Bonnie McKee, Max Martin, Sia, Juicy J, and Benny Blanco. Rather than falling on her face like many would have taken pleasure in, obviously the lady knows what she is doing as the first two singles off the album, the annoyingly catchy “Roar” reached number one and the simply annoying power ballad “Unconditionally” is moving towards the top 10. Her fans have stuck by her during her search in which she has made herself very vulnerable for everyone to see. Some bouncy tunes coupled with some with a little more depth. All in all the lady does not seem to be able to make a mistake.

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