Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Blu-ray Edition

In 1935 professor of archaeology Indiana Jones is in Shanghai. He gets into a little disagreement with Lao (played by Roy Chiao) and ends up running for his life with the nightclub singer named Wilhelmina “Willie” Scott (played by Kate Capshaw). On the escape plane with Willie and a young Chinese boy named Shorty (played by Jonathan Ke Quan) they run into trouble and crash in India.

The trio end up in a small village. Residents of the village believe that an evil spirit has taken their children due to a precious stone being stolen. They must recover the stone in a booby-trapped temple called the Temple of Doom.

Also wanting the stones they believe that if they can possess all five Sankara stones the power will allow the Thuggee to rule the world.

It is another race to find out who can locate, find, get their hands on and finally keep the final stone.

When the first film was a huge success there was little doubt they would come back with another one. They just had to try and do something bigger and better. With that type of hype and those types of expectations it would be almost impossible to attain them. Unfortunately for everyone they didn’t.  It wasn’t horrible; it just wasn’t as good as the original.  I don’t know if it was the right choice to go this soon into a prequel. That plus the new characters just inserted in just end up being weird (very untechnical, I know, but there it is).  These oddities plus the darker tone just didn’t quite as well.

Special Features:

-Teaser Trailer (HD)
-Theatrical Trailer (HD)
-Digital Copy (available via iTunes)

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