The 1975 – The 1975

Picture emo lyrics enveloped in 1980s sounding music. Close your eyes and really hear it. Kind of weird isn’t it? Well, that is what you get from the debut album from The 1975 (really, The? A little pretentious, no?). But somehow no matter how awful this all sounds they make it work. On second thought that categorization of them is wrong. They are a hard nut to crack or at least to fit into a slot. Everything about them is misleading. They look at a glance like a punk band though their music is incredibly poppy. Even with the 1980s reference you are thinking that there is not a real instrument involved. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are plenty of guitars played in a non-typical way accompanied by big bass sections and they are all played very well. Plenty of musicianship to experience and hear. Coupled with catchy harmonies and rhythm to burn. Sonic landscapes are created. Great big walls of sound. A band worth keeping track of. To end, they have the best song every written about chocolate; it is as irresistible as a Kit Kat.

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