Shameless: The Complete Third Season – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

In working class Chicago lives the Gallaghers, a family so dysfunctional that they make every other family feel okay about themselves. Mom left long ago. Dad is a drunk. There are eight of them and someone has to keep things rolling. So it up to Fiona (played by Emily Rossum), the eldest, to try and keep things working…as best as she can. If you are new to the show and are reading this you might be thinking that these people sound hateable. Quite the opposite, actually. Once you get into the rhythm of their life you will end up liking them. A lot of what happens is hilarious in a very dark way but there are also some very touching moments. The combo is very effective.

Episode 1: El Gran Canon: Fiona has to look high and low for some money. Frank (played by William H. Macy) wakes up in Mexico with no money or passport. Lip (played by Jeremy Allen White) is arrested.

Episode 2: The American Dream: Fiona is worried about the money she had to use to reserve a club night. Her stress level goes even higher when Lip finds out about the money.

Episode 3: May I Trim Your Hedges?: In order to scam a charity foundation Frank tells Carl (played by Ethan Cutkosky) he has cancer. After Fiona applies for a job as a cashier the issue of sexual harassment arises.

Episode 4: The Helpful Gallaghers: Lip helps Mandy (played by Emma Greenwell) find her long lost half-sister. Jimmy (played by Justin Chatwin) finds out the truth about his father.

Episode 5: The Sins of My Caretaker: The Gallaghers are in a panic because the city of Chicago is doing some digging due to a pipe issue. This means they have to find the body of Aunt Ginger before the city does.

Episode 6: Cascading Failures: Child services takes the kids away and it is up to Fiona to try to get them back. She is so desperate she turns to Frank for help.

Episode 7: A Long Way From Home: Fiona goes about trying to become the kids’ custodian. Frank fights giving up his paternal rights.

Episode 8: Where There’s a Will: The family gathers for the fake funeral for Aunt Ginger. Cousin Patrick (played by Brent Sexton) arrives with another fake will that gives him ownership of the house.

Episode 9: Frank the Plumber: Fiona begins a new job at an office. Somehow Frank becomes the face of the gay rights movement.

Episode 10: Civil Wrongs: Jimmy announces that he wants to return to medical school. Frank is having a blast being a celebrity.

Episode 11: Order Room Service: Along with her boss, Fiona takes the kids on a camping trip. Frank and Carl cobble together a plan for a heist.

Episode 12: Survival of the Fittest: Lip is surprised when the family throws him a graduation party. Ian (played by Cameron Monaghan) decides to enlist.

Special Features:  Ultraviolet Copy, Where the Streets Have No Shame, An Officer and a Gallagher, The Many Sides of Sheila, A Lip Off the Old Block, Being Mandy & Mickey Milkovich, A Messy Triangle: Lip, Karen & Mandy, Unaired Scenes

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