Neil Young – Live at the Cellar Door

The solo acoustic show is available for the first time on CD. Part of his official bootleg (how can that be?) series of shows despite the fact that there are songs that you might already have it is still worth a purchase due to the quality. Recorded during an acoustic set (one of six shows) at the Cellar Door in Washington, late 1970, it seems like every number is great and will become the paramount version of the song. Soon after you start listening it becomes one of those CDs that stays on or near your player and gets better and more impactful with each subsequent listen. The unplugged versions just allow this great storyteller to weave his tales without the distraction of a lot of feedback, volume or distortion; it really allows you to listen to the words and absorb the emotions behind the songs. Young really gives heartfelt renditions of the songs. Songs from different parts of the Canadian music legend’s career (solo and with different bands) really show you the mark this legend has made on music. Listening to “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”, “Cinnamon Girl” and “Old Man” in this setting will remind you the depth and wealth of his back catalogue. Really astounding how many good songs he has. Whether he is on guitar or piano Neil Young mesmerizes with his gravelly yet falsetto voice and wonderful lyrics.

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