Justified: The Complete Fourth Season

Elmore Leonard is an author whose work has been mined aplenty. This time it is his short story “Fire in the Hole”.  Justified is about U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant), a man who plays by his own rules. That personality trait is why he has been moved from Miami to the much smaller and rednecked Harlan County, which happens to be the area he is from. Basically it is a punishment for breaking almost every rule and shooting one too many criminal. This season Raylan is up to his eyeballs in a cold case that is over thirty years old. It has ties to his childhood, family and the people he grew up with. Filled with witty dialogue, plenty of action and some romance to boot this is a show that keeps being consistently entertaining.

Episode 1: Hole in the Wall: Raylan looks into the origins of a diplomatic courier’s bag that was found in the wall in his father’s house. Boyd’s (played by Walter Groggins) drug trade takes a hit when a new preacher (played by Joseph Mazello) moves into town.

Episode 2: Where’s Waldo: Raylan is on the trail of the fugitive whose identification he found inside the diplomatic courier’s bag. Raylan’s father (played by Raymond J. Barry) kills a Dixie mafia soldier in prison.

Episode 3: Truth and Consequences: Raylan finds out something he didn’t know about his girlfriend (played by Jenn Lyon) Lindsey and her violent ex-husband. Boyd tries to convince the snake handling preacher to leave town.

Episode 4: This Bird Has Flown: Raylan and Rachel (played by Erica Tazel) pursue Lindsey and her ex-husband. Boyd tries to figure out a way to keep Ellen May (played by Abby Miller) quiet about the crimes she has seen Ava (played by Joelle Carter) commit.

Episode 5: Kin: Raylan and Boyd both race to see who will find the long missing drug courier first. This puts them both in trouble with the Harlan Hill Country Clan.

Episode 6: Foot Chase: Ava and Boyd’s search for the drug courier leads them to an upscale underground sex party. Raylan is on the hunt for a man with a severed foot who might be the missing drug courier.

Episode 7: Money Trap: Raylan finds himself in a showdown with a murderer on the lam. He then has to go to the prison to confront his father.

Episode 8: Outlaw:  Boyd uses the Detroit mob’s contract out on Drew Thompson for his own benefit. Raylan’s search for Drew Thompson leads him to the jailed former Harlan County sheriff (played by Brent Sexton).

Episode 9: The Hatchet Tour: Raylan, in his search for Drew Thompson, has to question the inmate who killed his father. Boyd is desperate to find Ellen May.

Episode 10: Get Drew: Drew Thompson’s (played by Jim Beaver) identity is revealed. Boyd wants to turn Drew over to the Detroit mob.

Episode 11: Decoy: Raylan captures Drew at Arlo’s house. He now has to figure out how to get him past Boyd.

Episode 12: Peace of Mind: Boyd finds out about his cousin Johnny’s (played by David Meunier) betrayal. Raylan reunites Drew with Ellen May.

Episode 13: Ghosts: Mobster Nicky Augustine (played by Mike O’Malley) goes after Winona (played by Natalie Zea) to get to Waylan. Boyd and Ava try to get rid of a body.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Deadly Serious: Constable Bob, Outtakes, The Veterans’ Experience, Anatomy of an Episode, Previews of Captain Phillips, The Monuments Men, American Hustle, Elysium, White House Down, Bad Country

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