James Blunt – Moon Landing

Throughout his career James Blunt has become known for due to the nature of songs and his particular sounding voice and then subsequently mocked because of the music he makes. His stuff is rather emotional and touchy feely. For a guy to make music like that is seen as odd. By other men mostly because the women lap it up. Maybe in reaction to the reputation he has earned James Blunt goes against character and has recorded a loose and more “manly” album. If you look a little deeper though you’ll realize that he’s just as soft and sensitive a guy as he always was and that is okay. It works for James Blunt. He’s just a sentimental guy and shouldn’t have to apologize for it. It takes all different colours to make up a beautiful rainbow so it makes sense that there are different kinds of musicians for different audiences. The songs on Moon Landing are raw and sincere. Almost to a fault. Whether they are slow ballads or uptempo numbers he demonstrates himself to be more than willing to strip everything away and become vulnerable. My only complaint about his music is his voice. Invariably no matter what he is singing to me it sounds like he is whining. But that is just to my ears to other people it will sound great.

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