Duck Dynasty: Season 4 – Blu-ray Edition

With all the controversy surrounding this show due to the outrageous statements made by Phil Robertson in regards to homosexuality the spotlight has shone brightly on Duck Dynasty.  Through it all the popularity of the show has not wavered. There is something about these red necked, long bearded hillbillies that has fascinated a large section of the television watching population. The reality show that follows the Robertson family, previously poor folk from the U.S. South that made millions off of a duck calling device, around in their daily lives. Something about this backwoods family and their way of life has been very appealing to viewers. Comic fodder abounds. Watch, probably with your mouth agape, and enjoy.

Episode 1: Till Duck Do Us Part: Phil and Kay celebrate their 48th anniversary. Because they never had one, the daughters-in-law plan a surprise wedding for the two.

Episode 2: So You Think You Can Date?: The guys decide they are going to guide Martin in the romance department. He is going to have to miss Friday night poker for a date.

Episode 3: Hot Tub Grime Machine: The guys realize that Godwin has never really asked them for any favours. When he asks them for help to get a hot tub they jump at the opportunity.

Episode 4: A Jase-ent Living: Willie and Korie ask Jase and the kids to live with them while construction goes on at their house. Missy is out of town visiting friends.

Episode 5: Termite Be a Problem: Duck Commander is having a termite problem. So the guys have to work out of another location and decide on Godwin’s house.

Episode 6: John Luke After Dentist: John Luke and Sadie are getting some dental work done. Willie and Korie have to take care of them afterwards.

Episode 7: Scoot Along Si: When leaving the Duck Commander warehouse Willie accidentally backs up into Si. Si claims to be really injured and shows up riding a motorized scooter.

Episode 8: Jerky Boys: The boys decide to try and make duck jerky. After a knife throwing competition they get down to some real work.

Episode 9: Going Si-ral: Si discovers Youtube. After watching some instructional videos on it decides he can create something better.

Episode 10: Quack O’Lanterns: The church is not able to hold their annual trick or treat event so the boys decide to host it at Duck Commander. The all work together to transform the warehouse into a scarehouse.

Episode 11: O Little Town of West Monroe: The Robertsons are going to do a live nativity for their church at Christmas. The wives insist on some rehearsal so it can be good, but with the boys offering up opinions left, right and center things don’t go smoothly.

Special Features: Webisodes, Deleted Scenes

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