Korn – The Paradigm Shift

On the nu metal band’s latest album a former member has returned. After an eight year absence guitarist Brian Welch is back. On their eleventh album they ditch the dubstep/rock mélange that they tried and failed at with the last album for a return to a more expected Korn sound with the heavy bass, lead singer Jonathan Davis’ crazy scary sounding voice and a wall of heavy guitars. Just to say that they are not doing the same thing over and over they have added a little electronica. Then they toss in a power ballad and a cheeky little number about “Love & Meth” (one of my favourite songs on the album) and at the end of it all you have a Korn sounding album with a variety of sounds.  Bottom line is that this is a metal band that doesn’t follow any of the rules or do what is expected. They are not scared to experiment and risk falling flat on their faces. It is rather refreshing compared to all the bands who seem content recording the same album over and over again. The constants are that they remain heavy even twenty years on and many of their lyrics are dark. An album for old and new fans.

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