Robocop – 4k Blu-ray Edition

1987 brought us the original Robocop, half man, half machine. This science-fiction flick garnered positive critical acclaim. The plot was simple yet effective. Officer Alex J. Murphy (Peter Weller) suffers an accident and artificial parts are used to turn him into the most efficient one man / machine “cyborg” crime fighting unit in the world. The first Robocop was sensational. Paul Verhoeven’s directing was intelligent, the writing was unique, although I remember several people comparing Robocop to The Six Million Dollar Man. Everything about the first Robocop movie was superb.

Special Features:

-Q&A With the Filmmakers

-Flesh and Steel: The Making of Robocop

-Shooting Robocop

-Making Robocop

-The Boardroom: Storyboard with Commentary with Animator Phil Tippett

-Deleted Scenes

-Villains of Old Detroit

-Special Effects: Then and Now

-Robocop: Creating a Legend

-Paul Verhoevn Easter Egg

-Theatrical Trailer

-TV Spot

-MGM 90th Anniversary Trailer

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