Lady Gaga – Artpop

Though she is only three albums into her career it seems like many have grown tired of Lady Gaga and her strangeness. When the first single for this album “Applause” was released even before Artpop was set loose some so-called experts were already ringing the death toll on Gaga’s career. Simply based upon the fact that “Applause” did not immediately shoot to the top of the charts. We the people have wrest the control of music back from these “experts” and make it once again an art form of the common people. The public gets to decide whose career is over and when. Throughout her career Lady Gaga has marched to the beat of her own drum. She is the representative of all those on the fringes of society demonstrating that you can be adored for your weirdness and should never succumb to the pressure to be like everyone else. But being strange also brings with it a certain pressure. You cannot keep being the same kind of odd because the fickle public will grow tired of it thus rendering you (gasp!) normal. On Artpop Gaga has upped the ante on the crazy. She uses different genres like R&B and disco to get her message across to the masses. Lyrically she tries to meld allusions to fashion with some sexy talk. Sex and power seem to be constantly on her mind almost to the point of distraction. Other than that underlying theme this seems to be a bit of a bi-polar, less focused effort from the supremely talented Stephani Germanotta. Maybe this is due to her using soooo many producers from to David Guetta to Russian-German sensation Zedd. Maybe she was going a little cray cray while recovering from her hip surgery and that itch to get back at her music career diminished the ability to focus. There are glimpses of her genius on songs like “Do What U Want” featuring R. Kelly and “Gypsy”, a track that wonderfully marries rock and electronica a la “Edge of Glory”. In the end even this unfocused collection of songs from Lady Gaga is better than the same as everyone else efforts by contemporaries like Katy Perry and Rihanna.

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