Revolution: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Edition

From JJ Abrams (the guy who never sleeps or so it seems) comes another television series about the human struggle for survival. In Revolution we are in post-apocalyptic America where a family is doing everything they can to survive. Electricity has inexplicably gone out and the whole country is in a total black out. America is now a place of empty cities, militia, no technology, and freedom fighters.

Episode 1: Pilot: Along with a group of people Charlie (played by Tracy Spiridakos) leaves Chicago in an attempt to rescue her brother. Her brother is being held by a group of rebels.

Episode 2: Chained Heat: The group meets a rebel fighter named Nora (played by Daniella Alonso) who will help them get Danny (played by Graham Rogers). Danny realizes what Neville (played by Giancarlo Esposito) is capable of.

Episode 3: No Quarter: Aaron (played by Zak Orth) and Maggie (played by Anna Lise Phillips) search for Grace. Nora and Miles (played by Billy Burke) take off for the rebel camp.

Episode 4: The Plague Dogs: They are successful getting Miles back from the militia. Charlie and Nora leave to meet up with Maggie and Aaron.

Episode 5: Soul Train: Danny is afforded more safety due to orders from Monroe (played by David Lyons). Afterwards the group finds him harder to locate.

Episode 6: Sex and Drugs: The group tries to find some medical supplies for Nora. At a house they come across they meet another group of people.

Episode 7: The Children’s Crusade: The group comes across a bunch of kids who seem to be taking care of themselves. Rachel (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) reveals why she left her family.

Episode 8: Ties That Bind: A tracker with few morals is sent after Miles. Nora finds herself having to make a hard decision about a family member.

Episode 9: Kashmir: Nora tries to get Miles’ help in order to infiltrate Monroe’s base with the goal of killing him. Rachel continues her work on a machine that will amplify the mysterious pendants.

Episode 10: Nobody’s Fault But Mine: Miles and Monroe finally meet. Charlie runs into someone unexpected.

Episode 11: The Stand: Miles leads the group of Philadelphia to escape the notice of the helicopters patrolling the area. Miles and Nora get closer.

Episode 12: Ghosts: Rachel is looking to regain her daughter’s trust by finding some power sources. While doing this she has to avoid her ex-boss, Randall Flynn (played by Colm Feore).

Episode 13: The Song Remains the Same: Miles captures Neville. Rachel travels to a tower which might be a power source.

Episode 14: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia: Rachel attempts to turn the power on for the entire planet. Miles is busy trying to stop a mad bomber.

Episode 15: Home: Aaron runs into some trouble while traveling with Rachel to the tower. A woman from Monroe and Miles’ past causes them trouble.

Episode 16: The Love Boat: Aaron and Rachel are caught by the militia. Miles ends up working with Neville.

Episode 17: The Longest Day: After an attack on his life Monroe becomes more and more paranoid. Rachel and Aaron continue on their journey to turn the power back on.

Episode 18: Clue: Nora is captured and tortured. Miles is trying to figure out who is the murderer amongst the group.

Episode 19: Children of Men: The rebels figure out a way to get to the tower. A battle begins between Miles and Monroe.

Episode 20: The Dark Tower: The tower is infiltrated by the rebels. Aaron’s knowledge is handy when it comes time to turn on the power.

Special Features: Ultraviolet Copy, Revolution Cast & Creative Team at 2013 Paleyfest, An In-Depth Look at the Revolution Pilot, Creating a Revolution, Webisodes, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel

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