The Sadies – Internal Sounds

Sixteen albums into their career and The Sadies are still one of the best alt-country acts in music. Something that Canadians can feel a sense of pride about. This outing, recorded on their own dime(s) and in Toronto, is more movie score sounding than their previous efforts with plenty of dramatic beginnings and endings of songs. What struck me most while listening to the tracks on the album is that they sound comfortable playing almost any kind of music. You get power pop, arena anthems and plenty of twang all within the confines of one album. Plenty of variety so you never get bored or fall into a listener’s rut. Several songs do sound like typical The Sadies material while others are different yet fantastic. No going through the motions or disillusionment yet though they have been at it for twenty years. Strong tracks include “The Lesser Key”, “The Very Beginning” and “Another Tomorrow Again”. A strong ending to the album is “We Are Circling” as it features some great vocals by Canadian music legend Buffy Sainte-Marie.

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