The Returned: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Edition

All of us have been affected by death in one way or another. After they are gone from our lives we think about the things we did not get to do with them or how we did not really let them know how we felt. Television series The Returned comes to fill that void and try to answer some questions. In a French town there lives a bunch of reanimated humans. Humans who have died and are now brought back to life. Some of these were dead for years before they were brought back. Those whose loved ones were brought back have to adjust to this new reality. Spooky rather than gory, the series features plenty of atmosphere but offers precious few answers to the big (or even small) questions. Hopefully it can continue not revealing the full mystery but not in doing so rendering the public frustrated and bored.

Episode 1: Camille: A bus load of school children are killed after going off a cliff. One year later, their parents are dealing with their grief by joining a support group. Camille (played by Yara Pilartz), one of the children killed, appears at her house one day having not aged at all and her parents are shocked.

Episode 2: Simon: Simon (played by Pierre Perrier) disappeared just before his wedding to Adèle (played by Clotilde Hesme). Years later as Adèle is about to be married and Simon is back plus trying to get in contact with her. Camille’s family is not sure how to deal with her return.

Episode 3: Julie: Life in the mountainside town just keeps getting stranger. Camille wants to come out of hiding so she invents a new identity. Julie (played by Céline Sallette) has an old trauma rear its ugly head and becomes unable to act.

Episode 4: Victor: Lena’s (played by Jenna Thiam) health keeps getting worse. She believes it has something to do with Alice. Adèle and Simon begin their relationship again.

Episode 5: Serge et Toni: The returned have trouble resuming their lives once they come out of hiding. Victor (played by Swann Nambotin) decides to go after his murderer. Camille and Simon are both rejected.

Episode 6: Lucy: The town’s power is shut down after a big outage. Camille and Lucy find themselves assuming new roles. Lena (played by Ana Girardot) gets close to her rescuer.

Episode 7: Adèle: Lucy persuades Simon that he doesn’t need Adèle. Lena helps Camille cover up marks that have appeared on her face. Simon also finds marks and decaying flesh on his stomach.

Episode 8: La Horde: Tensions rise between the living and dead. A new group of returned enter town. The inhabitants are all scared about what is going on.

Special Features: Illustrated Booklet That Features Essays, Episode Summeries and Interviews

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