Strike Witches: Season 1 – S.A.V.E. – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

As is frequently the case this is a Japanese animated show based on a manga. It is about a group of girls with magical powers called Strike Witches. To realize their potential they are being trained by a military organization to help in the battle against the Neuroi. The Neuroi is an evil force which throughout the years has grabbed territories. Presently we are in 1939 and the Neuroi has set loose a virus that humans have no way of defending themselves against. Not only does the virus kill humans but changes whatever it infects into a weapon for the Neuroi. Humans desperately need the Strike Witches to win the war.

Episode 1: Magical Girl: Major Sakamoto’s attention is caught by the magical healing powers of Yoshika. She tries to recruit her to the Strike Witches.

Episode 2: That Which I Can Do: Yoshika is amazed by the weapons her father has invented. The Neuroi attack Major Sakamoto’s ship.

Episode 3: You’re Not Alone: Yoshika is introduced to the members of the Strike Witches and begins her training. The Neuroi strike unexpectedly and Yoshika has a chance to show what she can do.

Episode 4: Thanks: Due to her wild strategies Lieutenant Barkhorn’s life is in danger. Yoshika and Perrine have to find a way to work together to save Barkhorn’s life.

Episode 5: Fast, Big, Soft: Yoshika keeps having vivid dreams about the other members of Strike Witches. It seems like they may come true during a surprise attack by the Neuroi.

Episode 6: We’re the Same: Major Sakamoto decides to form a night patrol led by Sanya. She has seen that the Neuroi are quickly adapting.

Episode 7: Nice and Breezy: Hartmann’s underwear go missing and it leads to a game of musical panties. This has got all the members of Strike Witches jumpy.

Episode 8: I Won’t Forget You: The fleet is preparing itself for a big counter-strike. Her tragic past has got Commander Minna feeling not too courageous.

Episode 9: What I Want to Protect: Minna and Sakamoto have a disagreement over the Major’s role with the Strike Witches. Yoshika falls into the trap of an unusual Neuroi.

Episode 10: I Want You to Believe: Because of her involvement in Major Sakamoto’s injury Yoshika is placed under house arrest. Yoshika has doubts about the witch-shaped Neuroi.

Episode 11: Into the Sky…: In favour of some advanced technology called The Warlock the Strike Witches are disbanded. Just as each girl is going their separate way something terrible happens.

Episode 12: Strike Witches: The Warlock has gone out of control and Yoshika finds herself having to battle it. The Strike Witches get back together and help her in the fight.

Special Features: Textless Opening Song, Textless Closing Song, Trailers

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