Nip/Tuck: The Sixth and Final Season

Plastic surgery and people who undergo it have always gotten a bad rap and this show is not going to change your thinking about it. Dr. Sean McNamara (played by Dylan Walsh) and Dr. Christian Troy (played by Julian McMahon) having relocated to Beverly Hills, California from Miami a few years prior have gone through personal and professional ups and downs but are still together. A couple who have stuck with each other through thick and thin and even when it didn’t make any sense they (and those watching the show) now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Their time together is coming to an end.

Episode 1: Don Hoberman: The economic downturn has hit Troy/McNamara hard. Liz (played by Roma Maffia) is suing Christian for divorce and going after half of everything.

Episode 2: Enigma: Sean takes too many sleeping pills after Teddy (played by Rose McGowan) proposes to him. Christian approaches Kimber (played by Kelly Carlson) with a business proposition.

Episode 3: Briggette Reinhart: Mike (played by Mario Lopez) tells Christian he is in love with Kimber but he believes Kimber’s still in love with Christian. Sean and Teddy tell the office they went off and got married.

Episode 4: Jenny Juggs: Matt (played by John Hensley) is robbing places dressed in his mime outfit to make money. Teddy has Sean fooled completely but not Christian.

Episode 5: Abigail Sullivan: After Matt is shot during a botched hold up, Sean and Christian operate. Police come to the office and let Sean know that Teddy was killed.

Episode 6: Alexis Stone: Sean is having a harder and harder time dealing with life and ends up in a psych ward. Mike tells Christian that he is going to ask Kimber to marry him so Christian fires him.

Episode 7: Alexis Stone II: Julia (played by Joely Richardson) and Sean fight to keep custody of Connor and Annie (played by Kelsey Batelaan) from Julia’s mother, Erica (played by Vanessa Redgrave). Christian sells his boat to help Matt out of a dangerous situation in jail.

Episode 8: Lola Wlodkowski: Kimber and Christian are dating again. Sean operates on a woman who wants a body just like Barbie’s.

Episode 9: Benny Nilsson: A guy claiming to be Sean’s brother (played by Neil Hopkins) shows up. Christian is in serious money trouble even with the IRS.

Episode 10: Wesley Clovis: The district attourney asks Sean and Christian to perform liposuction on a convicted rapist-murderer so they can execute him. Kimber tells Christian she is pregnant; he doesn’t want more kids.

Episode 11: Dan Daly: Sean and Christian are awarded the Albert Poland Award from the University of Miami, their Alma Mata. The interior designer Christian and Sean have hired to build the new recovery room tells Christian she is pregnant.

Episode 12: Willow Banks: A former model (played by Mini Anden) asks Christian to make her imperfect. Kimber is hired by Sean to decorate his new house.

Episode 13: Joel Seabrook: Sean and Kimber continue their affair. Christian and Sean work on the face of a man who tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Episode 14: Sheila Carlton: Kimber has been missing for two days and the Coast Guard calls off the search for her. Kimber’s mom Brandie (played by Melanie Griffith) comes to see Christian.

Episode 15: Virginia Hayes: The daughter of a Miami drug lord comes to Sean and Christian to get information about the man who abused her. Christian does a breast implant surgery on a girl wanting to become an actress who reminds him of Kimber.

Episode 16: Dr. Griffin: Sean and Christian decide to go see a therapist (played by Daniel Benzali). Sean is there to end the relationship.

Episode 17: Christian Troy II: Sean thinks Troy/McNamara should diversify as he worries plastic surgery is going out of style. A pharmaceutical rep who is separated from her husband asks Liz out.

Episode 18: Walter + Edith Kreiser: Ava (played by Famke Janssen) is back with an infant adopted son. Matt invites Christian and Sean to his wedding to Ramona (played by Melonie Diaz).

Episode 19: Hiro Yoshimura: Matt is going to Brazil with Ava after having left Ramona at the altar. Christian and Sean make Liz a partner in the practice.

Special Features: Tell Me What You Don’t Like About Yourself – The Psychology Behind Plastic Surgery

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