Britney Spears – Britney Jean

Ever since her breakdown a couple of years back Britney has come back and I would argue is better than ever. She has returned to a pop world inhabited with plenty of successful female acts like Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Has the industry passed her by? Where does Britney fit in? This must have been a question she asked herself as well. She is a little older with some miles on her tires but is still plugging at it. Actually, more than plugging at it she is still able to set the trends. Musically, that is. If she does disco and auto tune then so does everyone else. The career we all predicted to be over is as strong as ever. Her latest album is entitled Britney Jean and, if you can imagine it, is a concept album. It tells the tale of how hard a life it is to be under the public’s microscope at every turn. Stardom comes at a price. She allows us behind the curtain that is usually pulled tight around pop stars. Allows us to see the loneliness of it all. Her voice is still often auto tuned and the music is filled with moments of EDM, Euro pop and glam but the lyrics are rather down and revealing. There are several sci fi moments with Britney playing the sad robot that are kind of strange. Still plenty of dance tracks as well as a couple of ballads (one co-written by Katy Perry) about heartbreak and break ups. The weak moments are few and far between and are as a result of her guests. Though fans have probably wanted it for a long time the duet between Brit and her little sister Jamie Lynn doesn’t work and is rather annoying. Britney shows that she is going to continue to “Work Bitch” until we no longer doubt her desire and ability to influence pop music.

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