Nurse Jackie: Season Five – Blu-ray Edition

Most television series based in hospital settings have brought us nurses that are basically saintly. They are there for their patients and continue being practically perfect people at home with their families. Turning that portrayal of nurses on its ear for five seasons has been Nurse Jackie. Starring Edie Falco (who we previously knew as Carmela on The Sopranos) in the title role, Jackie Peyton works as a nurse at New York City’s All Saints Hospital who is able to work in this demanding profession despite her substance abuse problems. Falco is so good she has received three straight Emmy Award nominations for her work on the show. This season Jackie has left rehab and is returning to her life. This will involve some adjustments on her part as her marriage has ended and she might start dating again while trying to remain sober.

Episode 1: Happy F*%king Birthday: It is the day before her birthday and Jackie is trying to convince her ex-husband to allow the kids to spend the day with her. The ER is overrun with patients from a bus accident.

Episode 2: Luck of the Drawing: Kevin (played by Dominic Fumusa) tells Jackie he will agree to shared custody of the kids if she changes her hours at the hospital. Jackie is surprised when Zoey (played by Merritt Wever) brings Grace (played by Ruby Jerins) and Fiona (played by Mackensie Aladjem) by the house for a party.

Episode 3: Smile: Totally accidentally Jackie rear ends Kevin just after reaching a custody agreement. After Jackie wakes up in the ER at All Saints Kevin is there accusing her of using again.

Episode 4: Lost Girls: Jackie realizes that Gloria’s (played by Anna Deavere Smith) memory is failing her. Coop (played by Peter Facinelli) attempts to go out with Carrie (played by Betty Gilpin) but Jackie’s girls act out.

Episode 5: Good Thing: Jackie is nervous as she is going on her first date post-divorce. Mike Cruz (played by Bobby Cannavale) appears and interrupts the date.

Episode 6: Walk of Shame: Due to all her lying and sneaking off, Jackie and Kevin punish Grace. It is goodbye for Jackie and Mike as he is leaving All Saints.

Episode 7: Teachable Moments: Jackie and Eddie (played by Paul Schulze) decide to find out what is wrong with Gloria. Coop decides to stop mentoring Carrie after she misses an operation.

Episode 8: Forget It: It is now Kevin’s turn to interrupt a date between Jackie and Frank (played by Adam Ferrara). Frank tells Jackie she has to deal with all her issues.

Episode 9: Heart: Kevin comes to speak with Jackie at work about the drugs he found in Grace’s bag. Coop accuses Carrie of sleeping with Ike (played by Morris Chestnut) as a means to an end.

Episode 10: Soul: Jackie deals with her family issues as she is coming up on one year sober. She does manage to mend her relationship with Frank.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, A Sober Jackie, New to the Floor

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