Legit – Season 1 – Blu-ray Edition

Right off the top if you are easily offended or don’t like crass and rude then skip Legit. Expect foul language, sex and drug use. Australian comedian Jim Jefferies is the centre of this cable (FX) comedy and he likes to push boundaries. A total antihero who is not going to ever say he is sorry for whatever obnoxious thing he has done lately. It is rather interesting because Jefferies plays an exaggerated version of himself so it has a little bit of a fly on the wall feel to it. He plays an Australian comedian who is trying to launch his career from his home in Los Angeles. Besides that there are his interactions with his

Episode 1: Pilot: Jim is a comedian from Australia now living and trying to work in Los Angeles. He tries to do something good and in his mind taking a guy with Cerebral Palsy who is in a wheelchair to a whorehouse in Vegas fits the bill.

Episode 2: Dreams: Jim and his friend Steve (played by Dan Bakkedahl) decide to break Steve’s brother Billy (played by DJ Qualls) out of his adult care facility. Things get tricky when they are forced to take Billy’s mentally challenged roommate Rodney (played by Nick Daley) along with them.

Episode 3: Love: Billy yearns to have a real relationship. Trying to help him out Jim and Steve create an online profile for him on a dating site.

Episode 4: Anger: Trying to do something nice for Steve, Jim invites him to tag along to a show he is doing in Omaha. Things go from nice to trouble when Jim gets into it with a passenger on the plane.

Episode 5: Justice: Jim, Steve and Billy have to go to court to testify in a case involving criminals who broke into their house looking for drugs. The crooks were less than impressed when they found out they had broken into the house of a comedian.

Episode 6: Family: Jim is rejected by a youth mentoring program. Despite this, Ramona (played by Sonya Eddy) asks him to mentor her nephew.

Episode 7: Health: After losing a role Jim turns to Andy Dick for some advice, acting lessons and physical training. The trainer ends up being the one who is discouraged.

Episode 8: Hoarders: Jim discovers that Janice (played by Mindy Sterling) is a hoarder. So much so that her husband Walter (played by John Ratzenberger) has to live outside.

Episode 9: Bag Lady: After Jim sleeps with a celebrity the paparazzi descend upon his house. To get her out of the house he convinces her to get in a suitcase so he can put her in the trunk and drive away undetected.

Episode 10: Cuckoo’s Nest: Jim decides to volunteer at Billy’s adult care facility. It goes horribly wrong when he angers patients and Rodney escapes.

Episode 11: Hat Hair: Jim, Steve, Rodney and Billy take in a minor league baseball game. A fight starts when Jim refuses to take his hat off during the national anthem.

Episode 12: Misunderstood: Jim tells an objectionable joke in a car to an actress he has met on an audition. She then accuses him of rape.

Episode 13: Fatherhood: A prostitute from Las Vegas shows up at Jim’s house claiming to be pregnant with Billy’s baby. This news shocks and dismays Billy’s mom, Janice.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Jim Jefferies’ Journey, Rodney Autotune, Pilot – Director’s Cut

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