One Direction – Midnight Memories

Rock, hip hop and ballads. These are amongst the musical forms that you will find on the latest One Direction album. In other words, the five young lads hit all the most popular music genres in their continuing effort to grow their already massive following. The boyband pop superstars can really do no wrong. In their fans’ eyes anyways, so that makes it hard to review their music. The tracks “Best Song Ever” and “Story of My Life” have already been released and are smash hits. Midnight Memories will be adored by their fans and they will claim it to be the best thing musically since The Beatles. In all honesty this is a rather vanilla stuff here. Meaning boring and most of this I got tired of very quickly. That is how I measure the quality of a pop music song or album is its staying power. Even though “Call Me Maybe” was no work of Shakespeare or even Joni Mitchell it was a song that I never got tired of despite the fact that it was grotesquely overplayed. With “Best Song Ever” I now roll my eyes every time I hear it. Still every teenage girl you know will want the album so it will sell millions of copies or be downloaded tens of millions of times. It is obvious they are going for a more mature sound on this album and less pop I’m just not sure it is more mature…different, yes, mature I’m not convinced.

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