Matthieu Mendes – Echo

French musician Matthieu Mendes started playing guitar at the age of eight after hearing that famous Slash solo in the Michael Jackson track “Black or White”. He musical tastes then changed once he discovered The Beatles. He released his first album back in 2005 and a little buzz grew around him. After some discouragement and a decision to just be a guitarist, Matthieu was convinced by his manager to return to singing and recording his own music. His love of music shines through on Écho. Also the wide variety of music that has influenced him. While for the most part it is a folk pop album there is other musical genres to sink your teeth in. On the track “Okay” featuring Pomme you get a definite country vibe. Other songs are very hymn-like sounding very confessional and full of release. It has a few songs that you can tell were created to be played live in front of a crowd. What is likeable about the album is that it most definitely was not produced by a North American artist as you get that European feel from it. It is different from what is recorded and played on the radio here.

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