SpongeBob and Friends: Patrick Squarepants

In this life best friends are hard to find. This is doubly true if you are a yellow sea sponge that wears knee high socks and square pants. Somehow soul mates Patrick, a pink starfish, and SpongeBob…well, a sponge, meet and become best friends.  These fourteen episodes will demonstrate just how well suited they are.

Episode 1: Big Pink Losers: Patrick is over the moon when he gets and award in the mail. Only it is for SpongeBob SquarePants.

Episode 2: The Secret Box: Patrick refuses to show SpongeBob what is inside his secret box. The not knowing is killing SpongeBob.

Episode 3: I’m With Stupid: Patrick is concerned because his parents are coming for a visit. SpongeBob pretends to be dumb so Patrick will look smarter.

Episode 4: New Student Starfish: Patrick tags along with SpongeBob to boat school. It starts off rocky but works out in the end.

Episode 5: Dunces and Dragons: Patrick and SpongeBob go to Medieval Moments. They accidentally volunteer to take part in the joust.

Episode 6: Patrick SmartPants: While jellyfish fishing SpongeBob accidentally knocks off part of Patrick’s head. When he reattaches it a startling change occurs.

Episode 7: That’s No Lady: Patrick mistakenly thinks a man is after him, so he must leave town. Unable to let his best friend go, SpongeBob comes up with the idea of staying but in disguise.

Episode 8: Driven to Tears: SpongeBob is going to take the boating test for the 58th time. He fails but Patrick won’t accept it and takes the test himself.

Episode 9: The Gift of Gum: It is Best Friend’s Day and Patrick gibes SpongeBob a giant ball of used gum.  SpongeBob gives Patrick a robot.

Episode 10: Karate Star: Patrick saves SpongeBob’s life so SpongeBob promises him a favour. Patrick wants SpongeBob to teach him karate.

Episode 11: Big Sister Sam: Patrick’s big sister Sam is coming for a visit. Patrick gets upset when he feels Squidward and SpongeBob are mean to his sister.

Episode 12: Squidward’s School for Grown Ups: Patrick is graduating to adulthood or so he thinks when he wakes up with a beard. He begs Squidward to show him what grownups do.

Episode 13: The Googly Artiste: A famous art critic pans Squidward’s work. However, he labels Partick’s work as that of a genius.

Episode 14: Pet Sitter Pat: SpongeBob is going to his Gramma’s for her birthday. He asks Patrick to pet sit Gary.

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